Our brand Story

‘Imi ola, which means “to seek best life.” 

Our purpose in life is to seek its highest form.
The value of mission and vision.

~hawaiian value

Growing up in Hawaii affected me in the most profound ways a place can affect a person – creatively, passionately and inspirationally. I spent much of my time on the beaches of Hawaii, cultivating a profound love of the ocean, surfing and beach volleyball. 

I moved to Texas in the early ‘90s to complete my college degree in advertising and discovered that Texans love beach volleyball too! And so, my pursuit to excel at the game I’d come to love and appreciate continued. Along with honing my advertising design skills, competing in beach volleyball tournaments became another form of art expression. Traveling across the country to compete, I came to embrace the beach volleyball community as my extended ohana (family). 

AVP Pro Troy Field
AVP Pros Avery Drost & Andy Benesh
AVP Pro Ed Ratledge

“The beach volleyball world is a very special community. It has allowed me to meet some very amazing people and make many lifelong friendships.”


In the late ‘90s, I started Keoni Gear by designing and selling a couple dozen T-shirts that helped pay for my travel expenses to tournaments across the country. The feedback I got from the beach volleyball community was “There is no line of apparel with the words volleyball or even Beach Volleyball on it”, so it was my goal to make a brand specifically for the beach volleyball community and ultimately, grow and design other products for this beach volleyball brand.

Today, I also own a marketing firm, and as a way of giving back to a community I love and owe so much, I help coach one of Texas’ largest beach volleyball juniors clubs. Along with my love for the game, my desire to help up and coming athletes on their volleyball journey with Team Keoni partnerships. Helping others will help grow Keoni Beachwear and giving to others will ultimately give back to the sport.

We will always be a beach volleyball brand. For beach volleyball players. By a beach volleyball player. I hope you enjoy what we’re doing at Keoni Beachwear.